Provide your students a hands on experience!

Allow your students, social media followers, residents and fellows to have a real hands on experience, deploying your exams in a web dicom viewer with automatic dicom anonymization.

The user can zoom, window, scroll images as if they were seeing an exam from their own patient. No software installation needed to see exams.

Private room for one-to-one lessons

With the subscription, the user gains a private virtual room that can be protected with password, in a web based videoconference. When using your laptop or desktop, your student and you don't need to install anything.

The teacher is able to share it's own screen and chat with student!

One to one room

Your own hands on course in regular places!

Modern companies are adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, and you can adopt that too! Tell your students to bring their own device and you're ready to start. Did you notice that you'll be able to handle a course in a coffee shop or in a regular library?

There is no need anymore to rent fency rooms with computers. No more sharing cases with USB flash drives.

Powerful features

Security, privacy, and scalability.

Automatic Dicom Anonymization

Dicom files go into an automatic pipeline that removes tags that usually leads to patient or institution identification.
The whole list of tags we remove or change are in the terms of usage.

Make Your Exams Private

Make your cases private whenever you want. That means, you can control when your students will have access to your cases.
Lesson is over? You can make them private again!

Share with large audiences

Due to autoscalable deployment, you can share your exams with thousands of users simultaneously. Images will appear seamlessly to every single user.

Tools to have your own paid audience

There are a lot of tools you can use together with to be able to have your own paid audience, if is that what you desire.
You can use PayPal to generate invoices to your students, allowing them to pay remotely with credit cards. According to the complexity you want to deal with, you can from create a social media private group (Facebook, Whatsapp and others allow that), a closed email discussion group, a subreddit, use Google Classroom , to create your own website with Wordpress with a paywall.

We provide a private virtual room to subscribers, that can be locked with password, allowing one to one web meetings.


Description BRL / Month (1 BRL = ~0.2 USD)
Free trial, 2 cases stored for 7 days. 0.00
5 cases package. BRL 40.00
n*(5 cases package). n*(BRL 40.00)
500 or more cases or yearly subscription for more than 50 cases. Contact us!